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July Birth Flowers: A Perfect Gift for Loved Ones


Delphinium (aka larkspur) and water lily are two very different flowers that share the same beautiful quality. As July’s birth flowers, delphiniums and water lilies are great gifts that you can give to loved ones born in this month. Both flowers are also a great testament to how they can withstand different settings. You can easily use these flowers when it comes to making flower arrangements and gifts.

Birth flowers are also known to have different meanings depending on their color or variety. In this blog, let us share some meanings to delphiniums and water lilies.

Delphinium or Larkspur

When making bouquets of delphiniums, take note of the following meanings to convey your message:

  • Pink means fickleness
  • White conveys a happy nature
  • Purple normally represents first love
  • Blue signifies grace

Generally, larkspur or delphinium indicates strong bonds of love.

Water lilies, on the other hand, signify purity and majesty. Aside from being lovely in their own right, water lilies are often used in ponds to deter the growth of algae and to shade and cool the water for resident fish and frogs.

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