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Learn More about the Unique Language of Flowers

Learn More about the Unique Language of Flowers When it comes to flower arrangements, every flower has a special meaning. Certain flowers can symbolize romantic passion and affection while others represent happiness for celebratory moments. Hence, arranging a bouquet of flowers in Brampton, Ontario requires special skill and understanding of their different meanings and what they symbolize. Here, we share the most common flowers used in arrangements and their meanings:

  • Blazing Star
    The blazing star symbolizes joy, blissfulness, and happiness. This herbaceous perennial flowering plant grows in moist prairies and sedge meadows. Hence, they are ideal for special occasions and celebratory moments.
  • Bluestar
    The Bluestar is instantly recognizable due to its unique blue color and quaint, soft star-shaped flowers. You can ask your florist in Ontario to add these flowers to show a loved one you recognize and admire their determination, endurance, and strength.
  • Pink Azalea
    This flower symbolizes wealth and represents the importance of familial duty. The pink azalea can also change symbolic meanings depending on the intensity of the bloom. Light pink azalea may symbolize friendship and affection, while darker tones signify friendship that’s developed into something deeper.
  • Rose
    Roses are perhaps one of the most recognizable and popular flowers used in arrangements. They represent feelings of love, romance, passion, and elegance. Hence, they are often gifted during occasions like anniversaries.

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