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Things You Should Know: Flower Decoration and Its History


Have you ever wondered how flower decorations and their significance to human activities ever started? In this blog, we will share with you the beginning of flower decoration, its history, and its importance in our day-to-day life.

To begin, flower decoration was first found in Egypt during the Old Kingdom (2686–c. 2160 BCE). These flower arrangements and gifts were placed on tombs, used in banquets, as well as being gifted to people of importance as bouquets.

The lotus flower was sacred to the goddess Isis. Formal bouquets of lotus and berries were offered to the dead, while garlands and wreaths, floral headdresses, and collars were woven.

All cultures have their significance of flower arrangements and how they use them in various contexts. But one thing’s for certain; no matter what period, flowers are used in everyday life to portray art, love, respect, and beauty, which we still carry today.

Bouquet of Flowers & Gifts hails the relevance of flowers and how we can appreciate their beauty anytime, anywhere. We are a florist in Ontario, determined to create magical pieces that will touch your hearts no matter the occasion.

We cater to weddings, birthdays, funerals, and other special moments that you and your loved ones share. Our bouquet of flowers in Brampton, Ontario, utilizes not only fresh flowers but other materials such as ceramic, silk flowers, and more.

You can also have your orders customized according to your preferences. Whether it is for yourself or your loved ones, we assure you that you will love our arrangements and creations.

For more information, please send us a message. We will be more than glad to make your vision come true.

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