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A Brief Overview of Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower


The breeze is getting colder. Everywhere becomes jovial. The entire family gathers at this wonderful time of the year again. But you won’t get the complete Christmas experience without the lights, music, and floral decorations!

    The Mexican Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima), also called the Christmas flower in North America, has been a staple for the holiday season for hundreds of years. Native to Central America, especially Mexico, the reds and greens of this flower perfectly complement the festive spirit! The next time you find a florist in Ontario, don’t forget to mention this astonishing addition to your ornaments.
    How did this plant come from Mexico to North America?
    For centuries, a small Mexican town called Taxco de Alarcon had been using the poinsettia for its nativity processions organized by Franciscan monks. In 1828, Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first U.S Ambassador to Mexico, visited the country and took a trip to the town. He was immediately mystified by this unfamiliar plant with bright red leaves. When he returned home to South Carolina, he started shipping, studying, and cultivating the blooms of this new plant.
    Over the years, a man from Pennsylvania was the first to sell the poinsettia to the market, provoking a rising holiday tradition up until now. Today, millions of households in the U.S and Canada prepare Christmas flower arrangements and gifts to celebrate the season!

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