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Tips to Care for Your Floral Decorations


For many of us, it’s always nice to infuse nature into our homes by adding flowers. They bring more life to the house and enhance your home’s overall aesthetic. So if you have any special occasions (especially this Christmastime!), your place is perfectly ready for guests!

However, there’s one problem. Known for our bouquet of flowers in Brampton, Ontario, several clients keep on asking, “How do I care for my flower arrangements at home?”

  • Water Every Day
    Like any other plant, your flowers need clean water daily. But remember to ask our florist in Ontario for the right water temperature. Some flowers live longer in cool temperatures while others don’t. Also, never forget the flower food to put in the water.
  • Cut the Stems as Needed
    At about 45 degrees, remove the stems using a floral shear for a clean cut. Also, be sure to trim the ends of the stem every other day as they will start to seal.
  • Remove Extra Leaves
    Remove excess foliage or leaves that fall below the waterline or the rim of the vase. This prevents bacteria buildup and allows the flower to absorb water effectively.

Keeping your flowers in bloom should be easy with these tips. But if you want in-person advice from a professional florist, visit Bouquet of Flowers & Gifts. We have more in store for you, including flower arrangements and gifts! Contact us now for more details.

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