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Why Do We Traditionally Give Flowers as Gifts?


People from all over the world have always given flowers as gifts to their loved ones and other important people on special occasions and even on regular days.

As a skilled florist in Ontario, allow us to share our knowledge on why flowers are perfect as gifts and how they came to be.

Depending on the kind of flower, it can symbolize love, happiness, mourning, success, sympathy, appreciation, apologies, and many more. Flowers make the perfect gifts because they can communicate one’s thoughts and emotions in a very elegant way.

Giving the gift of flowers dating back to the ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Victorian Era. The ancient Greeks offered flowers to gods and goddesses to signify respect and prayer. The importance of flowers appeared in their stories and sometimes represented their gods and goddesses.

For ancient Egyptians, flowers symbolized power, opulence, and beauty. The pharaohs used flowers to decorate their war carts and chariots. They also offered flowers that grew near the Nile River to express their emotions to their loved ones.

During the Victorian Era, people were known for being elegant, and showing emotions openly was frowned upon. So, they adapted the meanings of flowers from the Middle Ages and used them to convey their feelings toward one another.

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